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A big thank you to all families who took the time to complete our parental survey at the Learning consultation meetings in October. We had a massive response with 179 families completing the survey. The parents’ voice is important to us as we look to further strengthen our partnership with families and improve how we work together for the happiness and success of all our pupils.

The headline results are below. We will look at these results in more detail in a series of communications over the rest of the term.

  1. To what extent do you feel involved in school life at Wormley Primary? (circle one)

          Not at all  (5)            Sometimes (40)                Most of the time  (78)            Fully (53)

         74% of families feel involved in school life fully or most of the time

  1. Which events have you attended at school? (tick all that apply)
  • parent consultation evenings (165)
  • living history day (78)
  • poetry recital (46)
  • stay and play (89)
  • productions and performances (104)
  • sports day (136)
  • summer concert (121)
  • summer fair (116)
  • trips (54)
  1. How do you find out information about what is going on at school? (tick all that apply)
  • Newsletter (120)
  • Website (73)
  • App (83)
  • Facebook (42)
  • Twitter (7)
  • From class teacher (80)
  • Word of mouth (69)
  • Letters (120)
  • Email (64)
  • Text (101)
  1. What prevents you from coming into school? (tick all that apply)
  • Looking after younger children (31)
  • Working (105)
  • Difficult understanding communication from school (1)
  • Insufficient notice of events (20)
  • Don’t feel comfortable coming into school (2)

     Top 3 barriers to coming into school: Looking after younger children, working, insufficient notice

  1. Do you feel well informed about what your child is learning at school? (circle one)

      Not at all (5)                  Sometimes (28)                   Most of the time  (77)               Fully (66)

     81% of families feel well informed about their child’s learning most of the time or fully.

  1. Would you be interested in learning more about how subjects are taught in school through:
  • Sitting in lessons (49)
  • Attending workshops (51)
  • Having booklets to use at home (80)
  • Information on the website (68)