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Science, RE and more in Reception


We’ve had a very busy, but fun last few weeks in Angelfish and Starfish. The children (and staff!) all enjoyed Science Week where we carried out lots of different experiments with a special focus on gravity to link to the school focus on Space. The highlight of the week was our visit to the Space Dome where we learnt all about being an astronaut and their work on the International Space Station, it was a very exciting experience. We also thought about the qualities and skills you need to be a scientist and we are very lucky that this week one of our parents who is a scientist is coming in to talk to the children about this further.


This week our focus has shifted to RE as we think about the Easter Story. We will be reading a different part of the story every day to help children to develop their understanding of this important Christian celebration. We are also busy learning the songs for our Easter Services at Wormley Free Church on Wednesday 28th March-all parents and carers are welcome to join us for this celebration and if anyone can help with the walk to and from Church, we would be most grateful. Please note service times –

Morning service – Starfish and Morning Nursery

Afternoon Service – Angelfish and Afternoon Nursery


We will be in touch after Easter to rearrange our Stay and Read session after the snow cut short the last one! Please keep sharing books with your child, not just school reading books but anything they show an interest in, it really does make a huge difference to their learning.

Finally a huge thank you for all of the coins that you donated to our NSPCC collection-we managed to spell out the letters NSPCC with all of the coins we collected before we passed them onto the charity.


We wish you all a happy Easter and look forward to the Summer Term.

Spring term in Reception


This term the children have been exploring magnets, ice, light and shadows. They have also constructed some amazing hotels with lego and made beautiful crowns.

In Angelfish class the children have created many masterpieces, using a range of materials, by following instructions from a craft book.

In Starfish class the children have all been eager to complete the daily phonics and
maths challenge to help grow their brains!

Both classes have loved rapping to the ‘teen number song’ to help them understand teen numbers are a group of ten and some ones. Please continue to play the weekly maths game with your child, it is a great opportunity to spend time together while reinforcing maths, turn taking and following instructions.

We have continued to learn a new sound in phonics everyday, along with a weekly ‘looking word’. Please continue to read with your child at home and practise ‘looking words’, this will help support their reading and writing skills.

We are in need of junk modeling, so please feel free to bring in boxes, bottles etc. Our woodwork bench is now available for the children to use, if there are any parents/carers who work somewhere who would kindly donate materials, please come and speak to a member of staff, it would be greatly appreciated.

Nursery and Reception Nativity Performance


Due to the school being closed tomorrow the Nursery and Reception Nativity performances will now take place on Thursday 14th December, no change to times.


Hello from Reception


Welcome back to Reception, we hope that you had a good half term break.

This half term we’ll be continuing with our phonics learning. We’re practising lots of blending (putting sounds together to make words) and segmenting (working out which sounds are in words to help with spelling them). It would be great if you could practise recognising and saying all of the sounds that the children have learnt to date. Don’t forget that you can hear how all of the sounds should be pronounced on Mr Thorne’s Phonics on YouTube. At this stage, children will begin to bring home books with words in and if you can share their reading book with them every night it will really help their progress in reading.

In Maths we are still learning about numbers in depth, so remember to ask your child what our number of the week is. You could also ask them to show you different ways of making that number on their fingers (they know how to do this) and finding it in the environment. We are also planning to launch our weekly Maths Games Lending Library very soon-watch this space!

We have really enjoyed sharing the photographs that were sent in showing someone who cares for you as part of our RE learning. We have talked about how we can care for our families, friends and our planet too and as part of this, some children have made anti-littering posters. Please encourage your child to keep thinking about this important subject at home too.

We’ve got a very busy half term ahead of us with lots of exciting events lined up. We will be visiting Lowewood Museum for a Nursery Rhyme and Story workshop and will be celebrating Christmas with our Christingle and Christmas Services and Christmas Lunch. As well as all of this we will soon be practising our Christmas Play, Whoops-a-Daisy Angel, ready to perform it to parents on Monday 11th December (Starfish morning performance, Angelfish afternoon performance). Your child may have some lines to learn and we would be very grateful if you could practise these with them. Further details about all of these events will be sent home in due course, so please remember to keep checking your child’s book bag daily.

As the weather gets colder, please remember to send hats, gloves and scarves into school as we play outdoors in all weather. You may also like to send in fluffy socks for your child to wear at Forest School!

One final plea – please can you regularly check that your child’s uniform is still clearly labelled with their name on all items. We know that names often wash out of labels, but we already have a lot of lost property from the first few weeks of the year which we are unable to reunite with children as it is not named. We understand parents’ frustration when items are lost but by checking that clothes are always labelled we can hopefully avoid this as much as possible.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Campkin, Mrs Burling and the Early Years Team






A very big welcome to all of our new children and families. We’ve had a very successful start to the term and the children are all settling in well and getting used to all of the routines.

We have enjoyed celebrating our Harvest Festival with Reverend Quant and all of the parents and carers who were able to join us. The children practised their singing lots beforehand and did very well. We would like to say a big thank you for all of the food donations which will be gratefully received by those in need in our local community.

As the weather is beginning to change, please ensure that your child has a coat and wellies in school every day. Please label every item of clothing that your child wears to school-now we are getting changed for PE it makes it much easier to reunite stray items with their owner!

There’s lots of exciting learning happening at the moment, the children have been fascinated by the worms, snails, caterpillars and frogs (amongst others) that they have found and we now have our own Wormley Wormery. We have now started Phonics-please look out for the sounds that we have been learning which we will send home each week so that you can practise them with your child when you read with them. We also have a number of the week, ask your child to tell you what it is and see if you can spot it anywhere at home!

We look forward to sharing all our adventures with you over the coming year.