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Learning this week:

This week in maths we’ve been looking at how to multiply and divide whole number and decimals by 10,100 and 1000. Please find some videos which can help you and your child with this area of maths:



In english we have been focusing on the reading skills:

  • Scanning and retrieval – being able to pick information from the text
  • Decoding – understanding the meaning of new words using the stem of the word and by reading around the word
  • Inference & evidence – being able to read between the lines and using evidence from the text to justify their answers
  • Resilience reading – creating an image in your mind of what is happening in the book, making connections between what you’re reading and other books and the world around you, and persevering with a text until the end.

In science we have been conducting different experiments to look at the properties of materials. Again if you would like to help your child with this topic, you can find some helpful videos at:


Sponsorship forms:

As you may have heard from your child, there will be an athlete coming in to visit on the 29th of November. When the athlete visits, the children will be put through their paces completing some fun exercises similar to those that the athletes do. The children are asking for sponsors. If you are able to please sponsor your children for this, as the money raised will go towards the school. Sponsorship forms have been given to the children and should be in their bags. Extra forms can be found at the office. All money should go straight to the office, rather than to the class teacher, along with the completed sponsorship form.