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    Dear Parents and Carers Thank you for your continued support with our plans to limit the risk of Covid-19 in school. To help further we have updated information…

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  • Year 2 snacks

    As you may already be aware, year 2 snacks of fruit or vegetables are provided every day by the school. Therefore, it is not necessary that you provide…

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Hello parents and carers.

Can we start by sending a huge thank you to all for supporting the children with their learning at home. Learning from home has certainly presented challenges to all of us. Trying to be a parent/carer and a personal tutor and manage the other challenges as a result of the pandemic, is tough.  Nevertheless, there have been some amazing examples of creativity and resilience demonstrated by children, families and the teaching staff. Together our learning community is making the best of a very challenging situation! 

We appreciate that accessing learning online can be very difficult for a number of reasons and we do not anticipate this will get much easier the longer schools are closed. To try and help we have put together a few FAQs about some of the common challenges being experienced by families. The FAQs have been arranged in phases but they possibly apply to all children. After the FAQs there are some helpful links to curriculum and wellbeing support.

We hope these help and, above all, we hope you are all safe and well.

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